Does All Waste Removal accept donations?

We do not accept donations; however, on many bulk pickups we have come across “lightly used” furniture and house wares that we have been able to deliver to non-profit agencies that help out the needy. That is how we define “reuse”.

Is recycling expensive?

There are many cost effective benefits of recycling worth it, depending on how you look at it. Many people pay the nickel deposit at the time of purchase but throw the can in the trash when they are done. Now that is a waste of money! We are giving consumers an opportunity to pay (yes, pay) to recycle many end-of-use items while other items have no charge. We currently like to think we can save you money and help protect the environment at the same time. Please call or email All Waste Removal with a specific list of items and we will give you a free estimate.

Do you have a fuel surcharge?

All Waste Removal has never had a fuel surcharge in the past and we do not plan on charging our customers in the future for a fuel surcharge.

Why should I recycle?

Recycling is no longer a “trendy” thing for us to do. As a society, it has become our responsibility to ensure a more environmentally conscience life style that will conserve energy and raw materials by reducing, reusing, and recycling. The benefits of recycling include lower energy and production costs for items and also reduces the need for more landfills.

Do you have special rates for recycle loads?

Yes, we have special rates designed for cement, brick, asphalt, mixed metal, stumps, brush and dirt. Please call for pricing at 1-888-736-6825 or 413-566-2224.

How do I determine what sized dumpster I need?

When determining what size dumpster you may need, please refer to our dumpster sizes page. We list all of our dumpster sizes along with a description on what each dumpster size is ideal for.

How high can I load the dumpster?

All of our dumpsters have a “maximum loading level” sticker on them. When you are done loading, nothing should be sticking up above the sides of the dumpster. Please inquire about the types of refuse we allow in the dumpster rentals before use.

How long can I have the dumpster rental for?

All Waste Removal allows dumpster rentals for 10 days. The dumpster rental will automatically be removed after the 10th day unless you call and schedule it to be removed earlier or extend the agreement for an additional fee.

How short of a notice do I need to give All Waste Removal if I want to order a dumpster?

We understand that things come up last minute. If you are looking to order a dumpster from All Waste Removal, we only need a 24-hour notice to deliver or pickup a dumpster.

Do the dumpster rentals from All Waste Removal include a door?

Yes, all of the dumpster rentals we offer have a door on the rear end that opens all the way. This allows for easier access to dispose of smaller refuse.

Can I throw metal in the dumpster?

Yes, metals can be disposed of in the dumpster at any point. Please be sure to review our policies that show what cannot be disposed of in your dumpster rental.

Do I have to be there when you deliver my dumpster rental?
All Waste Removal requires someone to meet our driver to sign the paper work. Rental payment is also required at the time of delivery.
What can't I put in the dumpster?
It is important to follow the guidelines when disposing garbage into the dumpster. You cannot put anything containing asbestos, batteries, hazardous waste, paints, oils, liquids, chemicals, pesticides, highly flammable materials, or propane tanks in our dumpster. *Violators will be subject to substantial fines.
What form of payment do I have to have for your driver when renting a dumpster?
When renting a dumpster from All Waste Removal, payment is required when the dumpster is delivered to your property. We accept cash, check or credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. If paying by cash or check we require a credit card to be on file to make the order.
What household items have charges or additional fees?
There are a few household items that do have additional fees. These include non-freon appliances, tires, mattresses, box springs, TVs, computer monitors and refrigerators, freezers and A/Cs. Please call for pricing at 1-888-736-6825 or 413-566-2224.
What if I do not have a credit card?
If you are renting a dumpster from All Waste Removal, and do not have a credit card, we require a $150.00 deposit to be made on top of the cost of the dumpster.
What types of E-Waste or Electronic Waste does All Waste Removal take?
All Waste Removal accepts all types of electronic waste. Electronic waste or E-waste is described as used electronic devices that are destined for refuse or recycling. If it has an electrical cord attached to it, we can take it.
When do I have to pay for my dumpster rental?
When renting a dumpster from All Waste Removal, we require payment in full upon delivery of the dumpster to your property. This payment will allow your dumpster rental for 10 days, unless you call and schedule it to be removed earlier or extend the agreement for an additional fee.
Can I place a dumpster on public land?
Being allowed to place a dumpster on public land will depend on the state you live in. It may be required to pull a permit. Contact your local government to see how you would go through the process of getting a required permit.
Can I mix different materials in the dumpster (i.e. construction debris with household and yard waste)?
Yes, you can mix different types of materials in our dumpsters. This includes construction debris, household items, and yard waste to name a few.
Can I throw a lawn mower in the dumpster?
Yes, lawn mowers and other small power equipment can be disposed of in our dumpsters. First YOU MUST DRAIN THE OIL AND GAS OUT of any power equipment before disposing of it.
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